After a consultation period I will deliver a detailed project plan tailored to your archival needs that can either establish or raise the profile of your archives, increase efficient access to your collections,  streamline workflows, minimize replication of data and effort , reduce difficulty locating information, and utilize standards-based data collection methodologies. 

My plan will include a project timeline with budget and milestones. Upon my hire I will deliver an updated weekly status report to make sure my work is in line with expectations. 

Areas of expertise to include in project plan: 

  • Digital Asset Management:  Establish a software system and workflow that supports ingesting, cataloging, storing, retrieving and distributing digital files

  • Database Solutions: Cost/benefit analysis in selecting the most appropriate digital asset management system or Archival Collections Management system based on your unique needs. Recommendations and support for building in-house digital asset management system in Filemaker Pro. 

  • Record Management:  arrangement, description and preservation for your analog and digital files includes record clean up, solutions for versioning issues, and long term stewardship for legacy collections

  • Disaster Preparedness plan: create a detailed plan to ensure your collections are covered by insurance and that you know what to do in case of an emergency to protect your assets

  • Image Rights and Research: Having been on both sides of copyright clearance, I am able to secure image rights and find the appropriate rights holders. I have extensive knowledge of image copyright law and attend annual training to stay on top of this important and evolving area of copyright law. 

  • Curatorial Services: Preserve your history by telling your story. I am an experienced project manager for mounting exhibitions. I work with curators to navigate collections and establish a story line, budget, and timeline and can help streamline communication and deliverables. 

  • Moving/Space Planning: text forthcoming