SCANNER: Epson Perfection V series


library thing

For lone arranger interest, this software, Archive Manager, isn’t free, but has quite a bit of use in Australia… and also accepts items for those of us who also have museum-type collections too.

  • ICA AtoM (may be too fancy for a private collection) -- Generates findings aids but also has accession log, location mapping, and digital object management functions.
  • Datacrow
  • LibraryThing
  • Libib 
  •  I have discovered Tabularium, a MSAccess-based archival description system created in New South Wales for their use. They have made it available for no cost at this website  
  • We use Tabularium.  It is menu driven and works very well for us.   We have used it for several years, and it is robust enough that it continues to work very well with two upgrades of MSAccess.  (We do not download upgrades because we have customized several tables to meet our needs).  The only cost is that you must have MS Access (or the Office suite that includes it).


    For someone looking for a free database, I would not hesitate to recommend it.